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Version Beta V0.17
Version Beta V0.16
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Ridesharing Costarica

What is Rideshare Costarica service ?
Rideshare Costarica is an online service that helps drivers to offer rides and to passengers to find a shared ride based on the rideshare routes available on the site .

What is a rideshare ?
A rideshare is an arrangement between a driver who owns the vehicule and a passenger to share a ride . Arrangements about cost, hour of departure , and place to meet are also agreed between the driver and passengers.

How it works

How it works ?
1) Drivers can offer rides from the "Driver page/Post ride" and passengers can request rides from the "Passenger page/Request ride" ( ride status = offered )
2) Then passengers can search rides offered by drivers from the "Homepage/Passenger corner/ Search ride" and also drivers can search rides requested by passengers from the "Homepage/Drivers corner/Search ride"
3) case 1 : the passenger selects a ride offered by drivers
- The driver details are sent by mail to the passenger when ride is selected by a passenger (ride status = Details shared)
- The passenger contacts driver to organize the ride (date , location , cost ...)
- The driver updates the ride status accordingly to "booked"
4) case 2 : the driver selects a ride requested by passenger
- The passenger details are sent by mail to the driver when ride is selected by a driver (ride status = Details shared)
- The driver contacts passenger to organize the ride (date , location , cost ...)
- The passenger updates the ride status accordingly to "booked" .

Example of mail received by passenger/driver :

Subject : Rideshare driver details
Dear passenger xxxxx ,
1) Here is the ride you selected : Departure : Samara , Destination : Alajuela , Seats : 1 , Date : 2019-12-11
2) Here are the driver contact details , for the ride you selected :
Driver username : xxxxxx , Email : xxxxx@gmail.com , Phone : xxxxxxxx
3) The ride status will be updated from Offered to Details shared
Rideshare Costa Rica

Town is missing

A town is missing ?
The list of departure and destination towns is updated time to time .
If you notice that a town is missing please inform us via the contact page.

Privacy policy

What is our privacy policy ?
We collect information from you when you register on our site. When registering on our site, we ask you to provide us with personal (username, password (encrypted) phone number, address, etc.)
We use the informations we collect from you when you register to organize contact between drivers and passengers . Your privacy is very important to us. We do not share or sell our users list to anyone.

Terms of use

Our service allows drivers to post a ride and to passengers to book seats for carpool rides.
We cannot and do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information, including delay or availability of the service.
We reserve the right to change or update information and to correct errors, inaccuracies, or omissions at any time without prior notice.
As a registered driver that may provide transportation to other passengers, you certify that your vehicle is insured and that your Insurance policy includes a liability clause, which covers passengers in the event of an accident.
It is in your exclusive responsibility to notify your insurance company that you might use your vehicle to carpool with passengers which may contribute financially to help you reimburse the expenses of operating your vehicle for the ride as a non-profit basis.
By posting a carpool offer as a driver registered to the Service, you agree that carpooling service act as an agent to achieve the following:
(a) find a rider wishing to book a seat in your vehicle for the ride
(b) provide contact information and all required information to the rider so that he can complete the ride agreement with you the driver.


May I subscribe to the Ridesharecostarica's newsletter ?
All registrated members of ridesharecostarica.com may subscribe to the Substack's newsletter which has been created to share informations regarding the project (development progress , news ... ).
Link to subscribe to the Rideshare Costa Rica newsletter.


Rideshare CostaRica is a free online web tool "under development" . The Beta version V0.17 has been released for real testing with a list of known issues/problems/missing features from the users experience :

- To add the possibility to correct a date (Dec 2019 , SuzanneMartineau)
- PHP sendmail to driver/passenger email rejected by provider "laposte.net" (dec 2019 , gerardosamara)
- "Password Forgot" feature in Login page is not implemented (dec 2019 , gerardosamara)

Beta V0.17

10/01/2020 - Change log creation version beta V0.17.
- Update of towns list ( Bagaces,Cartago,Orotina,Puntarenas,Sarapiqui,Volcan Poas,Volcan Irazu ).
- Defaut date in the date form set to "mm/dd/yyyy".
- Newsletter creation for registrated members.
- To add the possibility to delete a ride (Request Dec 2019 , SuzanneMartineau).
- To remove requirement to be logged to access CONTACT page.

Beta V0.16

27/12/2019 - Change log creation version beta V0.16.
- Donation page : Change Paypal language from Spanish to English.
- Update of towns list (Paso Canoas , Quepos , Santa Cruz).

Beta V0.15

23/12/2019 - Change log creation version beta V0.15
- Timezone change to GMT-6 for Costa Rica.
- Date incorrecte when searching / Offering a drive in DRIVER/PASSENGER page.
- Upgrade to new PHP version 7.4

Beta V0.14

11/12/2019 - Change log creation version beta V0.14
1) To update towns list (Ojochal)
2) To remove the unused colomn "Type" from the rideshares tables in home,passenger and driver pages.
3) To have the same default date format ( dd/mm/yyyy )in all input forms.
4) To change the "offered" status to "requested" status in passenger rides tables.
5) To indicate in Register page that the phone number must be a CR number (8 digits) as this is actually the only format supported.

Beta V0.13

30/09/2018 - Change log creation version beta V0.13
1) Change of ridesharecostarica email address
2) Update the default date in search form to 2019

Beta V0.12

30/09/2017 - Change log creation version beta V0.12
1) Supression of the "event" type of ride
2) Control of phone number for 8 digits in Costa Rica

Alpha V0.11

28/05/2017 - Change log creation version alpha V0.11
1) Creation of a PASSENGER page to request a ride
2) Driver can select a requested ride by passenger in HOME page
4) Sent email to driver about contact details of passenger
5) Display last 10 rides from drivers and passengers on the home page
6) Add a "number of seats" colomn in the displayed ride table

Alpha V0.10

11/05/2017 - Change log creation version alpha V0.10
1) User management (register ,login ,logout , contact form )
2) Post a ride or an event by a driver
3) Driver page (profile , post ride , update ride status)
4) Sent email to rider about contact details of driver
5) Button "Return to Homepage " when necessary
6) Function Search for a ride and an event
7) Display last 10 rides on the home page
8) Automatic logout after 15 minutes of user inactivity
9) Donation button (paypal)